3 Dimensional oriented collagen gels for Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine : Design, Manufacturing, Distribution and Joint Research.


3D Oriented Collagen Gel

Unlimited Potential and Field of Application

Collagen gels have been produced as cell culture substrate for over fifty years. However, they are unoriented unlike the native collagen in the human body. A common method in literature for creating oriented collagen gels is the use of a high strength magnetic field, making it impractical for commercial production of the flexiby design of the materials.

From 2008, ATREE Inc. started a sponsored research on preparing oriented collagen gels with Stanford University and now ATREE Inc. has established a process which is flexible to design and produce any size and any direction of orientation for collagen scaffolds used as 3D environments in tissue engineering.

The ultimate advantage of using oriented collagen gels is that cells can be cultured in an environment similar to that of human body and that the cell growth is realizCoed along the direction of the orientation.

We strongly believe that our 3D oriented collagen gels will be useful biomaterials for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

【3D Oriented Collagen Gels - Unlimited Potential and Field of Application】

  • - Early healing in Surgery, Orthopedics, Dentistry, etc.
  • - Local and early growth of nerve cells, etc.
  • - In vivo and in vitro experiments in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

A variety of in vivo and in vitro experiments have been conductedusing our oriented collagen gels.


Fluorescent imaging FM (Atomic Force Micrograph) image Phase contrast image
Adult human fibroblast growth on oriented collagen gel. The bodies of the cells are highly polarized. The 67 nm Dperiodicity of the collagen fibers is clear, moving across the image from left to right. Adult human fibroblasts grown along the direction of orientation of collagen gel (arrow direction ).